Friday, November 15, 2013

Oopsies-That's a Little Too Irregular

I finished this awhile back.  Well stopped it is more accurate.  Like I've said I am not yet ready to work with real patterns, I'd like to "wing it" for now... and see if I come up with any "happy mistakes."  Besides, this way -ideally- I will get a feel of how to work with it and not freak out as much if I "mess up".

So ... My goal is to make a blanket.

Before I even ordered my Long Loom Set, I had my Round Looms.  I know if you skip the last peg and keep doubling back on yourself you'll get a panel.  So.... I figure "I will use 5 skeins of yarn for each panel"  No counting needed there, hah! Then at most I would be satisfied with slightly irregular  edges as I am aware that each skein may not be perfect.

So I got my two panels done.  And I set out to stitch them together.  That in itself was me doing what I think is a basic crochet stitch along the seam.   Well.... I get half way done when it dawns on me I forgot to ensure that both panels were facing the same way.  I was doing e-wrap stitches on the loom.  Each side of the panel looks different!  Silly me... oh well... continue stitching....

Done!  Wait a second!!!!  That it a lot left over!   Seems that I also forgot that not all skein are created equal regardless of apparent size & brand.  

So... I now have my Long Looms.. Gonna try that for my next blanket attempt.  I have measured out 5 skeins of yarn each to the same size and have pre-russian-joined each skein into a huge ball of yarn.

I just started, I don't have a lot of time for this project... so once a bit more is visible beyond the loom, I will post.

Wish me luck!

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